Sunday Night. It’s Happening!!

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Scott McNealy here.  AKA father of the four McNealy boys.  I am 65.  Empty nester.  Watching Super Bowl in the Tap Room at the Pebble Beach Lodge.  Susan, my wife of 25 unbelievably great years, sitting next to me.  And I am so nervous I can barely eat.  

Not because the 49ers are on.  That’s just football.  I am playing in the @ATTProAm with my son @mavmcnealy starting Thursday.  And did I tell you I am 65.  And a 10 handicap that has seen his club head speed drop into mid double digits on a fast track to single digit mph.  My short game is better now because they don’t charge extra for a two chip anymore.   There is no one better with a ball retriever.  No one.  But not sure the Tour speed of play rules will allow for a net plus on balls found/lost.  So the best part of my game is not reflected in the rules of play.


I thought I was done playing in the this event, but I was fortunate enough to receive an invite from Maverick’s hat sponsor, KPMG! I am honored, but the pressure, the embarrassment, the anxiety, and even the horror of nailing an innocent bystander with a high fade drive that carries the far side of the adjacent fairway, skulling a wedge shot into the grandstands, and missing a two and a half footer without even scaring the hole?  All on the same hole.  

So, I am choking down large chicken spinach salad, full slab of ribs, a pile of fries and some slaw.  Comfort food.  Lots of it.  At the best 19th hole in the game.  But I didn’t play today.  It is 48 degrees out.  Wind steady at 35mph, gusting to 50mph.  Wind chill is colder than the look your wife gives you start standing and cheering the Shakira and Jennifer Lopez halftime show.  

Now back at Susan’s parents house in Carmel where Maverick is staying for the week.  It’s free after all.  Maverick is, shall we say, frugal.  Still has the first quarter he won off me at the age of five.   Grandma is going to stuff some potstickers, bbq pork, green beans, corn and some chocolate chip cookies down his gullet.  Gotta carb load when it is cold outside.

Even though I would rather caddy naked for Tiger Woods than share the state of my game with the paying public, Maverick is having a solid start to his rookie year on the PGA Tour. Eight straight cuts made.  Par or better last 21 rounds.  Ranks 77th on the FedEx Cup list.  Clearly, my job will be to swing when he is not looking.   Don’t need to put any negative thoughts into his head.   

As happy as I am for his success on course, I am really happy with the sponsors he has signed up.  I am long on KPMG ProAm invitations, Callaway clubs, UnderArmor clothes, AT&T phones and networking (even got fiber to my cabin in Incline Village), and  Discovery Land property.  Sorry Cisco, downsizing so I don’t need a Cisco switch.   Would be happy to accompany Maverick as his significant other for the annual meeting in Hawaii though.   I could teach your sales folks how to fish for golf balls in deep waters.  

But the partnership that really makes me proud is the support Maverick is giving to my current passion, His pledges have generated nearly $500k for Curriki since he started this effort.  And Brandon Wu, another Stanford golf standout, has gone pro and signed up to support Birdies for Education too.  Go Brandon and Maverick.  Make some birdies, boys!

Anyway, I will be reporting back every day on this site.  Let your buddies, golf fans and anyone who cares about K12 education know about it and check out how the week is progressing.  Not likely you will see me on TV unless Maverick gets hot early.   

And feel free to pledge on this site to support Maverick.  He is on track to make about 400 birdies this year on Tour.  You can pledge as little or as much as you like.   By pledging, you will get this blog every day automatically and all of the regular recap blogs that Maverick sends out every few events.  Plus you will help us make a difference in the education we make available to every child.  

Registration, practice round at Spyglass and opening party tomorrow.  Last time I got to meet and talk to a man crush of mine.  Spent 45 minutes talking to Toby Keith.   Thats him with the cowboy hat.  

Til tomorrow.  

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Every contribution counts toward shaping the future of education.


Every contribution counts toward shaping the future of education.


Every contribution counts toward shaping the future of education.