Twas the night before TeeOff…

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by Scott McNealy

And I went to bed early.  

Fun day.  Got to play some couples golf with Susan at Spanish Bay.  Perfect weather.Lynne and Ben Doughtie joined us.  Lynne is the CEO of KPMG and a big sponsor of Team Maverick.  I was instructed by Susan to be on my best behavior.  No potty mouth.  No club slams or helicopters.  And none of my jokes…   Wow, it is hard to play with so much stuff bottled up inside of me.   But we had fun.  Lots of good shots by all. Some not so good ones by all too.  But those bad ones are already forgotten.

Susan went to get her nails done with her mom and I went back to the room to rest.  Maverick rested most of the morning and then hit balls and played a few holes on Pebble Beach while the hole in one contest was going on.  He played the 18th hole with Ray Romano.

My caddy Mark Barber, Susan and I had a nice dinner at the Tap Room.  I drank water and enjoyed my spinach chicken salad, Delmonico rib eye, and brussel sprouts.  Getting blog done before I go to bed so I don’t wake up thinking about what to say.  Should have no problem sleeping tonight except that I am excited and nervous and fearing the known to the max.  There will be chunks, missed putts, drives that will never be found, the dreaded skulls, etc.  You have no privacy.  Get over it.  I will hit bad shots. Get over it.  

But you got to look good to play good.  So, the really great players get scripted by their apparel sponsors. Maverick gets the most awesome stuff from Under Armour.  He has an ensemble for each day.  Rather than me, in the immortal words of Kris Kristofferson, “fumbling in my closet through my clothes and found my cleanest dirty shirt,” UA and Maverick shipped me matching shirts, pants, and pullovers.  Add in UA golf shoes, KPMG/Callaway hats, Mavrik driver, Callaway irons, wedges, putter, gloves.  Red, white and blue Merica bag.  How can we not win?  In order are the Thursday through Sunday awards ceremony scripted gear.  

Round 1: navy/grey, navy/orange pullover
Round 2: white/black, grey pullover 
Round 3: grey green/khaki, navy pullover
Round 4: grey/navy, navy/orange pullover

Chatted with Maverick.  The seasoned tour vet who has done many pro-ams could sense the puckering tenseness in my voice.  For the third time today, he said, “Dad, just two things tomorrow.  Hit the driver hard.  If we find it great.  If not, swing hard again next hole.  And, don’t leave any putts short.  And lets have fun!”  What a great pro I got assigned this year.  Knows just what to say.  Love him to death.

Going to sleep now, thinking bomb draw all day long.
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Every contribution counts toward shaping the future of education.


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