Toughing it Out in Panama

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Hello from Panama!

TeamMaverick and TeamCurriki

Thank you for your support in Panama… I overcame a four-over-par first 9 holes to finish at one over par for the tournament in 19th place. I made 14 birdies this week, which ranked 8th among all players. This brings our total to $83.544.00 raised in four weeks!

This was one of the toughest golf courses we play all year, but also one of the toughest walks. My caddy Travis and I walked over 50 miles and 150 flights of stairs over these 7 days… The walk from the 4th to the 5th hole was fondly nicknamed the “Stairway of Death” by players and caddies alike…

Panama was an amazing city, and the financial district had some of the most impressive buildings I have ever seen. But only 20 minutes from downtown on the way to the course was incredible poverty, with houses sharing cinder-block walls and tin roofs. It made me feel incredibly fortunate, but also more motivated to help expand Curriki’s reach and provide better educational opportunities to those less fortunate than us…

My favorite food stop (and basically only food stop) was Ristorante Jimmy’s, where I ordered the Fliette Estilo Angelo (Angelo style fliet) just about every night… It was $16 and came on a sizzling hot plate where you cooked the meat to your taste. I also got grilled chicken dinners for $6.50 and breakfast sandwiches for $2.50… and no food poisoning!

Thanks again for all your support, and here’s to making a lot more birdies for the kids this week in Sarasota!!

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Every contribution counts toward shaping the future of education.


Every contribution counts toward shaping the future of education.


Every contribution counts toward shaping the future of education.