Making Birdies from 8,000 ft. Up!

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Hello from Bogota!

TeamMaverick and TeamCurriki-

Thank you for your support in a third successful week for Birdies for Education… This week I finished in a tie for 34th with all four rounds of even par or better. I made 18 birdies again this week, and we added 19 new donors- we now have 91 supporters on-board and have raised $67,3722 in three weeks!

There we were a variety of factors that made this week interesting on the golf course. For starters, we were at over 8000 feet of elevation, so the ball flew forever. Most players “play a percentage”, meaning they typically subtract 13% or so from the yardage to pick their “sea level” club… But I prefer to just figure out how far my clubs go in the current conditions. My 8iron usually flies 165yds at sea level, but was going upwards of 190yds in Bogota. I even pulled 9i from 215yds on one hole!

As you can see from this picture of the first hole, the trees were in play the entire shot. The greens were also extremely quick, and long of every green was absolutely dead- it was like playing a constant game of chicken to challenge the back pins!

The worst part of the week was waking up on Friday with food poisoning. I felt great (and really enjoyed) the Colombian food- arroz chaufa (a type of fried rice with egg, pork, bacon, shrimp and chicken) and ajiaco (a tomato soup with noodles, rice, pork, and a fried egg) were my two favorite dishes… But I think the salmon I ate at the Italian restaurant next to the hotel did me in. I somehow struggled through Friday and birdied the last two to make the cut… Hole 8 I flew my drive 341yds to the front edge of the green and 2putted from 105’… And got up and down for birdie on 9 to make the cut on the number. I then turned those two birdies into 9 more on the weekend!

Maybe I should have ordered Uber Eats…

Food poisoning aside, Bogota was one of my favorite cities that I have played at, I hope to get the chance to go back!

I just arrived in Panama at 2am last night, where we’ll be sweating buckets and hopefully making a ton of birdies! Thanks again for your support, let’s keep it going!!



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Every contribution counts toward shaping the future of education.


Every contribution counts toward shaping the future of education.


Every contribution counts toward shaping the future of education.