What’s Actually in my Golf Bag

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My golf bag is kind of my mobile workspace… every tournament and hole are different- but Travis and my golf bag are two things that stay the same. I’m a pretty organized person- the first thing I do when I get to the golf course each day is to make sure my golf bag is loaded and unloaded with everything I need for the day, and nothing more.

Belly pocket

  • Always my snacks. 100% of the time there will be peanut butter or almond butter filled pretzels… on a tournament day, can count on two bananas, a protein bar, and a peanut butter sandwich. And also Celtic Sea Salt… put a pinch in a bottle of water for natural electrolytes and hydration!
  • An extra roll of my finger tape
  • A couple strips of lead tape just in case
  • Travis’s pocket- where he puts his stuff, golf pencils in a ziploc bag, Advil/Claritin/etc in a ziploc bag, rubber bands, extra ziploc bags… did I mention Travis likes ziploc bags?

Top front pocket

  • My yardage book covers and yardage book, potentially last year’s yardage book too
  • Waterproof yardage book cover. Clutch.
  • Extra golf pencils
  • A ballpoint pen
  • Lactaid in case the only food options have dairy!!

Right side

  • My 1/2” red circle stickers that I use for putting
  • A walker cup pouch with ghost holes- flat ones for chipping and putting and taller white ones to use for practice rounds

Left side

  • Bag rain cover
  • Extra driver wrench
  • Possibly a backup driver head
  • Old gloves to sign and give away- I always wear through the bottom of the thumb first.
  • And sometimes a 1’ long, 1.5” wide pipe named Charlotte. I use her to roll out little spots of the practice greens if they get choppy late in the day

Bottom pocket 1

  • My new golf balls
  • A couple black sharpies
  • My Harker high school pouch with 12 Nevada quarters- for putting drills
  • A smaller black pouch with two Stanford ball markers, one Walker Cup marker, one Nevada quarter and one 1995 silver dime for use in tournaments. I always carry a quarter and a dime in a tournament round- the dime if I’m anywhere near someone else’s line
  • Chapstick. Not really sure why, I never use it
  • Ball line drawing aid. I use a line on my for tee shots, and a dot for putting.
  • And the glove I’m currently using.

Bottom pocket 2

  • Just tees. Half SJ Sharks tees, half Vegas Golden Knights tees.

Bottom pocket 3

  • Ziploc of older sharpies to sign stuff- I never sign with the sharpies I use to mark my golf balls. I need those perfectly sharp.
  • Ziploc bag of new gloves. Usually 3-4. I keep them in a bag in case it rains to keep them dry.
  • Ziploc with 2 extra range finder batteries and rain gloves

Even with all of this, Travis says I have one of the lighter bags on Tour…

Next week we head out to Cromwell, CT and Silvis, IL. Thank you for supporting Curriki and me.  Please continue to follow me, visit the BirdiesForEducation.com website, and check your Birdies accounts. 



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Every contribution counts toward shaping the future of education.


Every contribution counts toward shaping the future of education.


Every contribution counts toward shaping the future of education.